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I’m Alice, I have been an artist as long as I can remember, but my creations have always been on a lower scale, creating the background to my other passions in life. Since having my third child and some tragic events along life’s journey, I have found an outpouring of productivity almost as a method of soul therapy.


I live in Cornwall, close to the north coast, surrounded by the natural, breathtaking beauty. It is that landscape that drew me into painting on a larger scale. I wanted to capture the beauty and recreate it in textured art in a way that photographs and prints can’t show. I started painting for our home, but then friends asked to buy my paintings. From there, and because of their support, I started selling them.


I am moved in particular by the seascapes that Cornwall has to offer. The sea is continuously shifting and showing different colours and moods. I try to recreate this energy with ink on paper. I move the ink around with silicone tools to try to bring the seascapes to life. I have used quite a few different mediums but the relief ink I use is so thick and shiny, it yields well to making bright, colourful, positive paintings.